Szilvia Takács 
harpsichord and fortepiano performer

She was born in Győr. During her music school studies, she was rewarded at several piano and solfège competitions. Her conscious preparation for a music career already started at this point. She studied piano and composition at the conservatory in Győr. She graduated in 1986 on music theory and solfège majors. She founded a music school with her husband in 1993, of which she has been headmaster since then.

She started her harpsichord studies with Leon Berben in 1996, at the first Early Music Summer Academy organised in Hungary. Next, she participated in a number of early music courses, where her tutors were: Rita Papp, Miklós Spányi and Ketil Haugsand. She graduated with a harpsichordist honours degree from the Academy of Music in Budapest, from Anikó Horváth’s class in 2008. She had been studying the fortepiano since 2006. She participated in several Hungarian and American courses where she deepened her fortepiano skills with the help of Miklós Spányi and Malcolm Bilson. During her Academy years, she founded the Clavier Duo group, which aimed at presenting four-handed pieces and those written for two harpsichords or the fortepiano.

She plays regularly at Hungarian and foreign concerts both in solo and chamber performances. Her repertoire spans from early baroque to classicism. She is specialized in Haydn’s keyboard pieces.

Renaissance and Baroque Week in Győr

21-28 July 2013

Courses: singing, lute, guitar, cello,

recorder, violin, harpsichord, fortepiano and viola da gamba



- French double manual     

      harpsichord  FF-f3 8'8'4'

      Cousset replica 1680

   - Italian single manual

     harpsichord  C-f3 8' 8'

   - English bentside spinet


  1. -Schantz - Viennese fortepiano replica 1795

  2. -Schmidt c. 1830 original, restoration by Claviaton Bt.


- Positive organ 8’ 4’ 2’



Zsolt Szabó and Balázs Kováts hungarian harpsichord makers.

Cristopher J. Barlow:

English maker of fortepianos, harpsichords and triple harps

Carl Schmidt:

Fortepiano maker c.1800 in Bratislava

Miklós Albert:

Hungarian organ maker


Takács Szilvia


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